$40.00 PER HR. (702) 788-1456


Elden Moon

Wow! thank you John Dote' and Las Vegas Recording Studio for your incredible sound. Our music is now being played here in Buffalo on all the top 40 stations thanks to you. Of course it made a huge difference was that we were produced by a "BIG NAME" like John Dote' Thanks again John and we will be in touch real soon. Your the best man!!!

Blocc Ballout

My name is BraveOne Jones I am 19 years old, songwriter and musician from Canton, Ohio. My experience with Mr John Dote' was one to remember. He introduced me to a new unfamiliar style of music i was not previously comfortable with and made me embrace it. I do appreciate the hospitality and welcoming studio he provided. I will be returning for future projects and will be referencing to my close friends. Keep inspiring !

James Simmons

All the way from Dallas by way of St. Louis. I was told to be the best you need to go were the best at. Being called One Take Ball says it All...... Hunting for my slice the only measurement of success is when people do not want me to leave ....Youst to come all the way to Boss Wages Las Vegas for White Castle ....now its to work wit John at Las Vegas Recording Studio.
Got Heat.......This the firest Spot in the Desert.......Ball

Jalisa Johnson

Working with John was so amazing and fun! got a lot done. Will most definitely come back again. If your in the Las Vegas area and your a artist pls come and check out Mr.john he will help you get to where your going...


Went to John Dote Las Vegas Recording Studio to record my daughter's song. She's a singer/songwriter and had a her first ever professional recording session here. John (Uncle Johnny) was very helpful guiding her through the process and giving insight and wisdom money can't buy. We'll be using him for all her future recordings. She has tons of songs so I'm looking forward to coming back! We loved it!

Tru Adams

For this being our first time in the studio I can honestly say that Las Vegas Recording Studio was the best possible choice because the owner John Dote' walked us "The Samurai Disciples" through the entire process of creating developing and mastering our first hit single "When Will It Go Away". He took his time to fix any errors or mistakes we made and even threw in some professional touches that blew all three of us away.

Teezy Kamacho

i recorded with John today at his studio and I had a wonderful time. He showed me the right and wrong way to record a song. he's a great teacher and i will work with him again.


John was amazing! Good ear and professional. His rates are reasonable and he made sure my requests are met. I recorded a song for my dad and will release it soon. He was was able to make an appointment for me as early as the next day. Great experience!

Avey Basco

My first time recording with John was an absolute blast. He is knowledgeable, creative, innovative and will guide you through the entire process from start to finish. He is easy to work with, takes the time to understand what your goals are, and gives you the creative freedom to be your best! I won't work with any another producer and will definitely with John and future projects.

Sleazy Baby

I came all the way from Oakland California and found this studio. The engineer John Dote Is a professional at his job and makes the Experience very comfortable and has An ear for Music. This is the best studio in Las Vegas For sure!

Breezy TV

I came all the way from Connecticut to record at Las Vegas recording studio .It was a honor to work with John, it was a blast working on this song from start to finish, John will give you constructive criticism to make sure your song will come out the best it can possibly be. I will be returning to Vegas I will only be recording at this studio not just for the price but the quality and the great vibes you get when you record at Las Vegas studio. John is a humble music legend that will still work with upcoming artist.

A. Vuocolo

John Dote was very professional and made me feel quite comfortable in his studio. i was able to get a fair amount of work done in a timely manner with no distractions. everything went smoothly. Will definitely return!

Self Made Quan

I Moved out to Las Vegas From NYC A Little Over A Year Ago And Havent Been In A Studio Out Here Until Today. John Dote's Studio Is The Place To Go. High Quality Recording, Sounds, And mixing For A Great Price. No Cap. Hes Very Attentive, Detailed And Professional. I Will Definitely Be Back To Record Here Plenty Of Times In The Near Future. Can't Make This Up. This Guy Knows What Hes Doing. Living Legend. Put Some Respect On His Name And His Studio. From The Heart With Love - Self Made Quan


Hey this was my first time here at Las Vegas recording studio had a ball great experience wonderful environment great producer John Dote'.

daniel mays

Came all the way from Cali to work with the Legend himself John Dote. Had a wonderful time and received a lot of information to better myself as an artist. / Knocked out 10 songs with the Legend they all sound super crisp & professional best mula i ever spent 8hr trip was so so worth it you want it done right your coming money ready to JOHN DOTE simple go get right - JANKY

Tiyo Burris

This was my first in a recording studio with John Dote'. He definitely gave me the confidence I needed to record this song. He has 45 years of experience in the music industry and the talent and the amount of professionalism shows.If you were a beginner in the studio reading this than just know that I was just like you a couple of hours ago. He also won't be shy about suggesting certain thing to go in your song that will make it better which I see as a good thing.

noel nadroj

my name is Leon, i had an inspiration to write my very first rap song . i have only on thing to say, if you are prepared to rap or sing john is prepared to take you to the next level! this man is all about business!

Its Breze

My experience was amazing. This was my first time at this recording studio and John was a pleasure to work with. Very informative and very helpful. I would highly recommend this studio. The quality was superb and the atmosphere was brilliant.

sondra scroggins

Las Vegas Recording Studio was an over all great experience! Nice sound quality, and producer is very efficient! Producer made everything comfortable and I am satisfied with my recording. Would definitely recommend!!

john salani

I came all the way from San Francisco. I looked up and called recording studio's and got the run around. Finally got through to one and dropped my beats and they did not deliver. Then I tried Las Vegas Recording Studio with John Dote' and I found the man. The man has a keen ear for the high's, the mids and the bottom end with his JBL monitors. End result was fabulous. Control room contains the actual mix of what it sounds in my BMW. This man has got it down. Highly recommend. Thanks John.

Mataeiah Tushay

Great Experience! I came all the way from Mississippi to record here at Las Vegas Recording Studio. Nice vibe and the best quality. This was the best sounding studio and producer I have ever heard!

Dont Look observe

Came all the way from Atlanta to record here at Las Vegas Recording Studio with John Dote'. Very professional company knows what he's doing would definitely recommend .

Tyrra Jackson

A huge thank you to John Dote' for his expertise, talent, patience, and ear for the art of music. We had an amazing time recording at his studio. Will definitely be back as the time and the need arrives!! Thanks again John!!

Facts of The Matter Izz

I came all the way from Mississippi with AJ1k to record right here in Las Vegas recording studiio with John Dote' , I really enjoyed my session with him, he is very humble and professional definetly not the last time you'll hear about Aj!k x John Dote'! LETSSS GOOOOO!!!

Luanne Hunt

I am new to Las Vegas and was looking for a recording studio and wow, did I find a great one!! Beyond being a wonderful human being, John is the consumate professional, who made me sound like a superstar. The stars definitely aligned for me and I believe that will be the case for anyone who records with John.

Lena Kush

John Dote' was very professional as well as helpful. I was comfortable and truly enjoyed recording here. If you are looking for a place to record music with a great atomsphere and great energy, this is the perfect place. I strongly recommend that anyone who loves music should record here! i loved the results and will be coming back!


Coming all the way from Jamaica, my session was amazing and I loved all my recorded tracks with John. Truly a genius!! One Love

Jetpack Dracula

This was my second time here at the studio, i can't see myself working with anybody else. John has become more than a producer too me. he's become a friend i can trust to give me honest opinions on my music which is crucial for any artist! I'm 21 years old, born and raised right here in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am currently working on my album "Arrogant Truth" It should release sometime in April. It's gonna be produced here at Las Vegas Recording Studio with John Dote'. I would highly recommend this studio. See you at the top -Jet-Pack Dracula

SM1 King Kayy

I came all the way from Alabama and most definitely found one of the best studios in Las Vegas ....The vibes was great and John Is Most Definitely One of the top producers ......Appreciate everything and I'm looking forward to coming Back and make more music.

sam white

I was with Michelle for her recording session with John Dote' in Las Vegas working on a recording for the film "GUITARS And GUNS". The Studio features a classsic analogue set up and a comfortable location. Mr Dote' is a seasoned pro whose enthusiasm for the project made the work a pleasure that I'm sure to repeat.

michael Thomas

My studio experience here at Las Vegas Recording Studio was a comfortable one. The enviroment is very relax. John is a professional willing to work with all experience levels.

Anjelo Raiman

Came all the way from D.c to record with John dote I love how he was hands on and had alot of knowledge about the game and also engineering taught me a lot about my voice and how to keep it clean recommend to everyone will be coming back

Tae Jugg

Came to Vegas from Los Angeles just to record at Las Vegas Recording Studio and my experience was beyond what i had expected not only did i get the best price but i finished two songs and got them mixed and mastered in only 2 hours.
John is a true music genius when it comes to production i learned a lot of new concept on this trip to Las Vegas recording studio
Thanks John!!!

D Williams

Had an awesome time with a great engineer and experienced man named John Dote' with a great sounding studio who knows what he is doing and talking about and full of knowledge!...come experience his expertise....PO10Chill

jonathan dubon

This was my first time recording at las vegas recording studio with John Dote' and I loved the vibe. This was a great experience for my first time recording. The sound is amazing and he was more then welcoming. I'll be back soon ...

Shameka Harrington

Came all the way from Cleveland, OH to record with John Dote!' The recording session was great, and his professionalism will have me coming back. Great sound, private session, good feedback!!! Hit up John!


I've been to many recording studio's and I've never had a good time, nor felt comfortable with the engineer or had my music well done. I'm so thrilled to have worked with John. If you work with John, dont expect to just come in to the studio, record your song and leave. John will actually mentor you while you are recording so, be prepared because he will tell you how it is. Which, I love it. This dude is so down to earth, makes you feeel at home, motivates you and actually knows what he is doing. I'm so glad I chose him to work on my song. Definitely coming back!!!

Prince Dstylz

Great studio! had my doubts but it turned out awesome! Will be recording here again soon!

Debbie Fane

I was in the studio with my wife MusykFane and I got to see her and John Dote really make some professional music today it was so creative and inspiring to see a real artist and a real producer really interacting while creating a masterpiece even though they're Generations apart of age they interacted as if they was the SAME. Man!! I enjoyed my night, the vibe and energy that they created. Thank You John Dote.... We really appreciate it. We really appreciate You!


I recorded at Las Vegas Recording studio with John Dote'. It was very great recording experience. I had fun running through the songs in a great timely fashion. I will definitely be back for sure! God bless you John Dote!

rhett roberts

My recording experience with John dote was simple, fast, and amazing. He had everything he needed gear and skill wise. I had a great time recording and talking to him. Hes the best in town!
-Tristan Driver

Michael Harris

Las Vegas Recording Studio with John Dote' was a heavenly experience. Great ears and engineer / producer and incredible mixing and mastering quality radio sound. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCER AND STUDIO. It just doesn't get any better than this for the price. Thank you sooo much John!

nikki watkins

Las Vegas Recording Studio with John Dote was amazing. I am the 1st female comedian out of Florida to have a comedic album reach the Billboard charts. I needed a good studio that was quick and efficient. I am so glad I found this place and could work with a true legend in the music industry. John Dote is the Goat (greatest of all time).


Best studio in Vegas by far gonna be back very professional find me @hotfeet on any music platform

Cyndi R

John is amazing the experience was awesome. Great recording studio. Professional, highly recommend him. He knows his craft. Makes you feel comfortable and I will definitely be coming back to see him.

Amunet La'ra

As a Producer myself and the manager for 7.Row Rovelira, I was very impressed by John's skill set in the music industry. Working with John is always a pleasure check him out you won't be dissapointed!!

Fidjet702 SinCity

Voice Over Game Strong!!

reno salani

John Dote very talented producer. Excellent prices. Helps new talent.

Young Malakai

Today was my first time here. So Glad I came. Everything was perfect .this will be my go to studio Every time I'm in Las Vegas

Tiny Kay

John was absolutely the BEST. He has great people skill and he made me feel so important. I was nervous to begin with but after he began to talk it was all over at that point. John is the GREATEST PRODUCER BY FAR and I will be back for round 2. All GAS No BREAKS. Thanks John @ Las Vegas Recording Studios I see business ventures from here. Team Lets GO.

MMA Girly

Working at Las Vegas Recording Studio with John Dote' was my best studio experience by far! Quality was excellent. John has a natural ear and skillset perfect for his craft and goes the extra mile to ensure the best quality. It was a pleasure working together.

Pablo Miramontes

John Dote' was a very patient motivating engineer with a goood ear for music and i felt very comfortable at his studio. I will be coming back to record in his studio highly recommend him to any artist

Mari Timans

As the mentor of KingCyborg I observed the recording of the song by producer John Dote'. In the first minutes of the session i was blown away with Johns expirience , professionalism and workflow. If you are not worlking with John yet , you are sabotaging your song quality. Any artist who would like to get there music to the top with high qulity , should work with John. It's a blessing to work with such an amazing person. Thank you John. Our song is ready for release in just 2 hours. Wow.

Sarah Global Arts & Entertainment

My experience at Las Vegas Recording Studio was 10/10. John is easy to work with. There wasn't any time wasted. The process was simple and delivered an effective result. Whether its your first or 100th time recording you will not be dissapointed. I will be coming back here to record. Thanks for everything John :)

Jet-Pack Dracula

First time in the studio. Just got done recording my first ep. I'm extremely satisfied with my experience. John Dote' is extremely proffessional and easy going. I thank him for the opportunity and highly recommend this studio to beginners and veterans alike.

mariah harper

This was my first time in the studio, and John made me feel very comfortable. He helped me master my voice and find my sound. He was very nice and patient and the end result was way better than I expected. I definitely will be coming back to record more songs, highly recommend ❣️

Emmy Lopez

First time with John D. in the recording studio, poppin', he's cool, no complaints and creates the vibe. Wanna get your rocks off? kick it off with John and the music flows. Blessed.

laahunchoo TV


Javan McClodden

This was an awesome experience and I loved working with Mr. Dote, he was very professional and you can tell he knew what he was doing. Would recommend, Come check it out.

The king Don

Great studio session with John Dote' he was truly a professional and easy to work with! We will be coming too record soon!!!

Cristian Casamayor

i came all the way from Miami to record with John Dote' from Las Vegas recording studio as this was my first time ever recording. John produced and mastered three songs for me in leas then 3 hours.the quality was great at first I was kinda nervous but i overcame my fear and did what i had to do and did it with no problems great work me that John did.

Javon Enspeare

Great price , great production... John is a great engineer and producer. Old school powerful set up and will have you sounding like a professional all recording artist should come down !!!!

The Real Marley Montana

Whats up people Marley Montana here how's everyone doing out there. So I'm a Music artist and I've been in Vegas for about a year now and this is my first time ever experiencing John Dote's Las Vegas Recording Studio and i can truly say he has good studio quality from the beats and on to the exterior. John Dote' who promoted Micheal and Janet Jackson has plenty of gold albums so I definitely believe him. I've never been to a studio so clean and quiet and peaceful its like your at peace while your recording. John Dote is the man and I will definitely be back here every Thursday to get my music done. Thank you so much John For Helping me Achieve my Goal.

Shane Rodriguez

Big thanks to JOHN DOTE, with little time he got me in the studio and out with a well polished hit. BEST equipment. BEST advice, and of course he's one of a kind, I recommend and will recommend him to anyone wanting to bring their creation to life..... thank you!

Kailah Mcmillan

I recorded at Las Vegas Recording Studio with John Dote' the studio experience i had was great he is very attentive and professional. I loved my experience and highly recommend this studio and the engineer

Tiffany Hedger

Great experience. Enjoyed working with John Dote. He is friendly and knowledgeable. We appreciated all his music experience and creative suggestions. Would highly recommend him.

Leslie Wall


James Gardner

Best studio, great sound and John Dote' of Las Vegas Recording is a superb producer and engineer by far above the rest. Thank you John. The best..


I recorded with John Dote from Las Vegas, NV one of the best in the business. We will be doing more work together real soon. It's a honor to have him record any of my music.

x ZenQiX

Recoreded at Las Vegas Recording Studio with John. he came through inthe time of need he was very honest with his cunstuctive critisizm great sound great job !!!

Alexxis Agurcia

Spent the evening recording with John Dote - amazing experience. It was our first experience and he was able to walk us thru the whole process - we ended up with two great tracks! We will definitely be back.

Savage Lynn

Great Working John Dote' From las Vegas Recording Studio! Came alll the way from Cleveland!!

Dmariyay George


lavance Ellis

The best producer in Las Vegas my guy.will be coming back for sure

Jay Maxx

First I would like to say its definetly been a pleasure working with John Dote', and literally a legend at what he does and what I like most about this recording session is he is honest and he helps with advice when it comes to keeping the "standards" and you want that as a artist because it keeps "Good" music. Again thanks alot and I will be coming back for sure #YERM You Evovle With The Right Mindset!

T.o t.o

John Dote in all honesty makes your session genuinely comfortable. He definitely got me excited to practice and come back for more and more sessions. A really cool blessing. Tyler Overton, Las Vegas, NV.

Garfy Prod.

We came all the way from Monte-Carlo to record with John Dote' in Las Vegas! Just recorded my new track "Numbers" the track came out great, way better than I expected! If you're looking to have a really professional sounding track and you're in Las Vegas, John Dote's the way to go!

Mo Rich Da great

This was the one of the best and most professional studio sessions I've been in and I've been in multiple studios and he kept it real with evrything. i will most definitly be coming back to him again.

armani keller

He did a great job! And helped me make my first song thank you so much!

lex luger

First time recording here. It was cool.

Hud Isaacson

Came all the way from Cleveland, Ohio to record with John Dote and had an awesome exprerience! He is great with mixing and mastering! Thank you so much!

Eduardo Alegria

Dopest spot get your studio time in with a real producer John Dote! yo boy Chief1Flea from San Diego City told you that!

Conscious Minds

John was professinonal through out the seesion it was a new experience in recording an artist like AJ but he pulled it off with veteran skills.

Erica Bougard

Enjoyed the recording session as always👍

Vivid _Flavor

it was a great time recording here, we hope we can do more business in the future Hes good at what he does. Great ears and a great producer. Thanks John!

Fah Slicc The Realaa

had a good time there at his studio got some great equipment and produces a real good sound highly recommended from Thee FAHSLICC

Charles Price

Damn this studio is dope. Working with producer John Dote' was an amazing experience. Definately a 5 star but if I could rate him 10 star I would. Thanks John your da MAN!

Yan Dough

Got a chance to record in John Dote's studio in Las Vegas. Sounds Amazing!! it was a pleasure hope we can work again! Came all the way from the BRONX, N.Y.

Nolan Van Fleet

John delivers an exceptional experience, and he delivers quality, service, and professionalism. I had a great time recording music with John and would highly recommend his expertise.

William Kempton

John Dote is Very friendly, welcoming and has a great ear for music! If you're looking to have the best in vegas help you out, this is the spot.

Michael Maraj

Incredible mix and master job by John Dote' of Las Vegas Recording Studio.

King Franchise

John Dote' Las Vegas Recording Studio Dope Experience. Professional Quality. Really Enjoyed the session!

Dwayne Rawdy

Great experience looking forward to working more projects in the future great guy to work with 👍🏾

So Fo Real Productions

Very awesome experience with John Dote coming all the way from Birmingham AL!!

David Alexander

john is the best very attentive sounds awesome i will be back i want him to be my personal producer.

Grey Hussein

Expect perfection and professional engineering and also a personable experience

gio gio

World class service. Well seasoned vet. My guy! Very intuitive. Clean comfortable experience with professional whose keen ear for sound is beyond value. Jovan Gio

Mookie Music Media

Lastnight was awesome at the studio Jon really has a lot of experience in this game.. lastnight he taught me some things and i thank him...I RECORDED MY NEW SONG ON GAWD an its dope 🖤🖤🖤🖤💨🎸🎸🎸🎸💨Thanks Jon Ill be back again 😁

Isaha Dunbar

John Dote the man! First time in the studio and he not only had me sounding great, also made us very comfortable in the situation, highly recommended.

Kwamaine Lane

This was my first offical recording seesion w John and it's definitely one for the books! Easy to work with and equally talented.


Coming to John Dote's recording studio was an exceptional experience. He has a proffesional setup in his home and his recording quality is good. He is very straight to the point and doesnt waste any time. Highly recommended, he is the best engineer/producer in the Las Vegas area. Plus he has reasonable pricing!

YHS Deej

We came all the way from Emmett Idaho to record with John, had a blast really awesome guy for a man of his platform, highly recommend!!

Tino Simmons

Hes the Real Deal very professional and top of da line sound I came all da way from Sacramento and it was worth it fosho.

Reginald Minor

john has made me realize i wont be dealing with any other studio from this point..we vibed..we funked..we clicked and we dropped some dope..he's in my head already..this was the bomb..im a lifer....with las vegas recording studio... you want real production real honesty..funk wit your boy..i go by cold wyzdoom..check out the work we just put in..no drama...real work..real talk..

Antario Noel

Awesome experience here at Las Vegas recording studio with John Dote' with Alex Rivers upcoming star.

Dub Nice

was a great experience quick and very good vibes

Jordan Anthony

really enjoyed working with john dote. amazing sound and cool environment makes you feel something special working with a legend!!!

K.K.S. K.K.S.

I came all the way from San Francisco to record at Las Vegas recording studiio with John Dote' and the sound was incredible and it was worth the 1000 mile round trip. I highly recommend this studio.

Brian G

I came all the way from St. Louis to record @ Las Vegas Recording Studio. If anyone in the Las Vegas area is needing studio time or a solid place to record your music, I definitely recommend John Dote'.

josa derrick

My man John Dote' was dope on the songs I recorded and if you're ever in Las Vegas, then check the man out and I will be back threw . Fact is 100% for sure. Came all the way from Mississippi to record at Las Vegas Recording Studio. thanks john

Evette Drouault

Bag Ckhaser
Las Vegas RECORDING Studio with John Dote' gives great vibes. It is a very different experience with great sounds i will definitely be coming back to do more recording sessions.

Dayquon Pugh
Great sound quality, Great price on sessions. Willing to work with you matches energy great sessions!!!

jesse james
I came all the way from Alameda, Ca. to record at Las Vegas Recording Studio with John Dote'. I liked the feel and the hospitality and I had the freedom to work in his studio work space and could live here. I should have brought my pillow, lol.

D%RD!3 WvrlD
I'm Dxrdi3 aka D.G.O from Chicago and I just recorded with John Dote' and it was a Dope and professional session. I recommend anybody looking for good sound and a good price check him out when you in Las Vegas

Tori Torres
My Artist and I came from Jamaica to record with John Dote' at Las Vegas Recording Studio and what I observed in John is most studios only advertise but his expertise is amazing and believe me he will do a Magnificent Job. We were totally impressed by everything including how quick he was able to master and mix. Tori , Stone Fire Management ENE

i came here with John Dote' and recorded a few songs and I loved it . The experience was awsome and I will be coming back soon. Also great sound quality . recommend this studio to other artist. loved it !!!

Joe Jackson
My experience with John was very productive, very friendly and knowledgeable and I will continue working with him and he is now my official producer. Thank you very much, John. Looking forward to making more hit records with you in the near future.

B.A.M.N Ent.
I'm from Brooklyn came to Vegas for vacation then decided to come to las vegas recording studio. I like the sound and quality that the engineer produced.

Ameer Qahtan
MY Name is RUMSEES I came all the way from Yemen to record my Song "FACT" with John's studio . Everything was good Glad to work with you Instagram @RUMSEES and that's a "Fact".

Unree Ali
I recorded here at the Las Vegas Recording Studio had a great time got to learn a new way of recording he was ever nice .

Shamal Ayton
THIS POPPAAAA all the way from the tri-state area, coming to you live from Las Vegas Recording Studio in Vegas !!!! My main man John has to be one of the most talented engineers I've had the pleasure to work with. Quality is professional and he's straight to business. I LOVE IT!!!! Can't wait to work with you again my guy.

Hotboy Hunchoo
My name is hotboyhunchoo. I came from Memphis TN. to come and record at Las Vegas Recording Studio. it was very professional I like how he got things set up. As well as his production quality. I'm gonna make sure i come back here for sure. WE LIT

Blake Owens
 18 hours ago
I recorded my song at Las Vegas Recording Studio and I am in awe of the vocal production and the master quality John gave me. I also came with my partner Dino and it was good bro! We will be back in tact with an impact. Thank you!

Joshua Gentry
If you"re looking for a professional producer and engineer this is the place you want to be. The producer was easy to work with and able to elevate your talents with his skill work. You won't be disappointed I will definitely be coming back to work with John again.


I came all the way from Indiana to book a session with Las Vegas Studios and it was the highlight if my trip! John is a great host and knows his music. Looking forward to the next session.

Mike Nunn
This was my first time recording out of town from St. Louis and I must say I was not disappointed. The set up is impressive and the engineer is very professional. I highly recommend coming here to record if youre looking for that good quality sound.

Detective Ck
I came to record @ Las Vegas Recording Studio with John Dote' and the sound was perfect as it was my first time ever in a recording studio. I highly recommend this studio to all up and coming recording artists.

YSN Lul Jay
Great customer service, Great production equipment, and a Great attitude. I was not rushed during my session. I just moved out here from the bay and this is where i will be recording all my music . much love LV Studios!!!!

Edwin Flores
The best producer I've worked with hands down being my first but not last in this studio. He was very helpful and gave us his powerful input and made us ready for radio. Next step we're famous. Our song titled "B HEARTS" is going to be a big hit. Watch for us!

Cam Crenshaw
My name is Camari came from Michigan to record with John Dote' and I enjoyed my experience. He was hands on and offered ideas and feedback while recording, did more than just let me record and take my money and I appreciate that. If you're visiting tap in with him and he will take care of you no doubt.

Trae Johnson
My name is Trae and I came all the way from Brooklyn, N.Y. to record here at Las Vegas Recording Studio with John Dote' and my experience with John was great and the sound was spectacular.

spazz capone
I came from Cali to record here at Las Vegas Recording with John Dote'. I enjoyed the sound which was very professional I recommend coming here to do business.

Tiffany Tharpe
I recorded at the John Dote' Studio tonight... It was AWESOME!!!! The love he showed during the recording was the BEST. I had fun and he was truly a professional!

Jorge Arizmendi
Great experience, very good at attention to detail. Exactly what I was looking for came out from Cali to Las Vegas and had to hit this recording studio, will definitely be coming again. Profit West is the name remember that !

Duda First
Hes a smooth dude. Working with him was amazing his abilities as a engineer caught my attention because I never seen anyone use the numbers to cut me, he never looked at a monitor or a screen. Amazing musical creator, the plaques on the wall give you a sense of motivation in a real way.

I came from San bernardino to Las Vegas Recording Studio and met John, a gifted engineer who's very good at mixing and mastering and promoting as well !!!

Brandon Myles Jr
Came All The Way From New York To Record With John. Much Gratitude For The Professionalism & Expertise. Recorded My First Song from My Upcoming Ep And I'm Very Satisfied With The Production At The Las Vegas Recording Studio. I Also Have A Clothing Line Called KASH ADDIKT, Originated Out The Covenant House, a Shelter in Time Square New York, but can now be found In Las Vegas At The Boulevard Mall At The Place. Thanks To My Guy John I will be featuring the soundtrack with my new collection. And that's the bottom line.

Mr. Ellis
Came all the way from Washington D.C. to record at LV Recording Studios with John Dote'. John is more than an engineer, he's a teacher and professional. With us two working hand and hand we made something special, we made something perfect. K.I

A&R Productions
I came here to record music, here at las vegas recording studios with john. The sound is amazing and clean.

Reese Thomas
I recorded here at Las Vegas Recording Studio, this is my second time recording at a studio and this studio is an amazing place to record your music.

Young Fitted
My name is Fitted and I came here to record at Las Vegas Recording Studio with my partner Javi and this was our first time recording. It was cool working with John and I feel like John helped us get to another in our musical career. Thanks John

Loca LoBarez
My name is Taylor and It was a such a pleasure working with John! I've Heard nothing but great things about him and his work quality and had to come all the way from Miami to Las Vegas to perfect my single "Throw it Back" .

Mark Lutz
At first I did not wanna record in the studio because he said he doesn't do auto tune, but after he had me rap and we decided to give it a try i was super impressed. Authentic sound , won't regret.

My name is Pari Spanos....(aka yungjersey111...) this was my first session ever but i enjoyed it very much John is a good person to work with and this experience was really positive I'm really glad i can make my dream come true.. Thank You

Diondre QM
Diondre QM - Song Writer/Artist Las Vegas Boulder & Tropicana One of the best recording sessions I experienced in a majority of most of the las vegas studios, highly recommend recording at Las Vegas Recording Studio.

Ryan Brady
I made the trip from Virginia to do a session with John and I can't speak highly enough of my experience working with him. Not only is he extremely professional but offers great input and advice that makes for a very cohesive session. This is certainly not my last stop at Las Vegas Recording Studio and I highly recommend to anyone looking to get their music recorded the way it was meant to be made! - Ryan Brady

torian aksew
Man I had the best experience here. I came here all the way from Colorado to record here at Las Vegas Recording Studio. I learned fast how to listen to myself and project my voice out. I'm blessed and proud to have been here for my birthday.

Derrick Braggs
 2 hours ago
Came all the way from California to Las Vegas Recording Studio was such a homebody experience. I would recommend this studio to everyone. John is an awesome engineer and is very talented at his art. I will be back again

Jaylen Fair
My name is Jay Breeze and i came from Milwaukee to get this quality sound from Las Vegas Recording studio. Great sound and engineering.

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