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John Dote Recording Artist and Record Producer.

John Dote', born June 7, 1955 in the Bronx, New York labeled as "the theme man", or "Five-0", because he was the drummer from the hit television series "Hawaii Five-0", from the album "Hooked On Themes", is a dynamic American recording producer, engineer, songwriter, drummer, keyboardist and record promoter. Dote' moved to San Francisco, Ca. where he withdrew from high school in the tenth grade to pursue his music career. By the end of 1975, he began performing in the rock music scene of San Francisco as a drummer with legends Buddy Miles, John Lee Hooker and Greg Allman while producing records. But his career really advanced in 1976, when record executive and promoter for Warner Bros. Records, Pete Marino signed him to Penthouse Records to write the theme for the hit television series "Wild World Of Sports" which was seen around the globe. Marino signed him because he thought that Dote' could have been the "fifth Beatle" with his brilliant song writing ability. Dote' took "Disco" music to a new level even with the limitations of the technology back then and invented his style of "european disco". (It was Marino who first brought The Beatles to The Cow Palace in the 60's in San Francisco and he had the clout). At the age of 21, Dote' signed his first publishing contract with Max Weiss, founder of Fantasy Records in Berkely, Ca. and manager of Creedence Clearwater Revival led by John Fogerty. By the year 1981, Dote' was producing Liberace and his "live" performance "The Exodus" in San Carlos, Ca. to a sold out crowd. During that same year, he appeared as the drummer for Ike and Tina Turner at The Circle Star Theatre in San Carlos, Ca. He would also appear on stage with Phylliss Hyman, a vocalist jazz legend. In 1982 he produced the album "Hooked On Themes" on Penthouse Records which included "Charlie's Angels", "Rockford Files", "Barnaby Jones" as well as the theme from "Dynasty" and the theme from the MGM t.v. series "Dallas". These t.v. shows ranked number 1 and 2 throughout the globe which gave Dote' recognition in the music industry. He also recorded with the members of Malo as the drummer who had the hit "Suavecito", the huge classic on Warner Bros. Records. In 1986, Dote' mounted a promotional campaign for A&M Records and the single "What Have You Done For Me Lately" by Janet Jackson which landed at number 2 on the Billboard charts. In 1987, he followed up his radio promotions for the "king of pop" Michael Jackson and the single "Bad" for Epic Records as seen on The CBS NEWS and world-wide. But on the day of the death of Michael Jackson, it was only moments when the media contacted John Dote' for an exclusive interview to get a closer look at the "promoter" and the "artist" in person. The media wanted an up close interview of the man who promoted Michael Jackson and the news cast showed up to his home equipped with lights, action and tape.But one of his greatest downfall's was when he rejected the Christmas hit Classic "Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer" by Elmo and Patsy which is now also in the category of a classic hit. Dote' admits, "I was not into novelty music". He turned down the offer to promote the husband and wife team and to date the record has sold millions of records world wide and was the number 1 Christmas song for 10 years.

In 2000, John Dote' hit the national market with his own created television show titled "NightBeat In Las Vegas" which took 10 years in the making. The show which was aired on the UPN-SCREEN GEMS NETWORK and based in Las Vegas, NV. was sought after by every major and independant record label from New York to L.A. They included Warner Bros., Capitol Records, Jive, Arista and Def Jam just to name a few. The show was featured in all of the major casino's in Las Vegas and dominated the air waves as Britney Spears, Santana and Whitney Houston were featured on the show along with many other major artists. But his musical career took a different direction when he was invited and hired by American Idol to be the DJ for their event in Las Vegas to celebrate the birthday party bash for the creator of "So You Think You Can Dance" Nygel Lythgoe. Pop superstar Olivia Newton John was also present, but when Dote' played her music with John Travolta and the smash "Grease", he was politely asked to take her music off. His connection with American Idol did not end there. He was later approached as the chosen engineer among thousands to produce the soundtracks for American Idol "featured artist" who has also graced the stages of the Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, Regis and Kelley and the legendary David Foster. Thia Megia was the youngest finalist to ever appear on American Idol. While producing her in his studio, Dote' had no clue who she was and stated to her "You should be on American Idol". He was informed after the recording session through a private source that in fact she had already performed on American Idol and became upset because no one including the artist had told him. He even drove with her brother to buy blank CD's and told him she should be on American Idol and even the brother did not reveal that she had already made that appearance. He then phoned her mother who was also present during the recording session and asked her why she did not tell Dote' her daughter had performed on American Idol and the mother stated "they are very humble".

During a recording session with Stryper drummer Robert Sweet, they paused for a moment to see the upcoming interview and the shocking story of Patterson and Georgia Inman, "The World's Richest Kids" on The Dr. Phil Show. The Inmans are very close friends and have close ties with Dote'. Dote' also produced a soundtrack for Georgia Inman but Inman declined to follow through when she learned that Dote' would put her in front of the world placing her on American Idol. Dote' who may be a big fish in a small pond states that if he would have placed her in front of the world with her amazing story, that major record labels would have come knocking on his door step. Dote' has promoted for every major star that reads like "the who's who" in the record industry including CHRISTINA AGUILERA, SANTANA, BRITNEY SPEARS, STING, MARY J. BLIGE, SARA MCLACHLAN, ROBBIE WILLIAMS, ENRIQUE IGLESIAS, N SYNC, THE BACKSTREET BOYS, GARTH BROOKS, SMASHMOUTH, CREED, MERIDETH BROOKS, KOTTON MOUTH KINGS, LEANN RIMES, MEGADETH, BLINK 182, GERI HALLIWELL (FORMER SPICE GIRL), MARCY PLAYGROUND, A-TEENS, SEMI SONIC, MARC ALMOND and even his own name, just to name a few. In November of 2015, Dote' received a call from Christian Estrada, the casting director for America's Got Talent to produce and showcase local acts from Las Vegas for the auditions held at The Linq Hotel to appear on the national hit t.v. show. The winner will walk away with $1,000,000.00.

But his most memorable moments are when Santana would bring his guitar over to his San Carlos Recording Studio and layer his lead guitar while sitting on the couch to a Dote' composition with Dote' on drums. This is not about what John Dote' has accomplished but rather this is who John Dote' is.