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    John Dote' and his Las Vegas Recording Studio is a guiding light for artists and who are ready to take the plunge and lay down the tracks of tomorrows hits. If you are an up and coming promising artist, then this is the studio for you. From motion picture and television themes to commercial radio play, Las Vegas Recording Studio Producer John Dote' has been engineering, producing, arranging and promoting the soundtracks that have enriched many people's lives for over 30 years. To date, he has received thirteen gold record awards for his productions and his promotional campaigns. Get your career started now with a pro engineer and a Las Vegas Hip Hop recording studio producer. Learn What It Takes To Get A Record Deal. If You Can Sell 20.000 Units Then You Qualify For A Record Deal. Our Promoters Have Launched Such Artist's As  Michael JacksonJanet JacksonSantana, Leann Rimes, Britney Spears, Whitney Houston, Kotton Mouth Kings and so many more. Call Us Now To Schedule Your Next Recording Session With The Comfort Of Home. We will deliver a radio quality awesome sound. So get ready! We specialise in hip hop, rap, top 40, house, contemporary and alternative as well as ballads and love songs. For an appointment in Las Vegas, please call (702) 788-1456.

  • The founder and owner of Celebrity Entertainment Recording Studio Las Vegas,  JOHN DOTE'  is a music industry icon. With his in-depth understanding of the creative process and the technology behind it, John has developed his Las Vegas Recording studio into one of the most successful and respected audio recording and production facilities in Nevada. In 2000, John created his own hit television series  "NIGHTBEAT IN LAS VEGAS" and found himself in the center of the promotional arena with the likes of  SANTANA,  LEANN RIMES  and  SUGAR RAY. Celebrity Entertainment Las Vegas Recording Studio gained recognition for John's promotional efforts from his t.v. show from many major labels including Capitol, A&M, Geffin, Warner Bros., Jive, Arista and many others. 

  • John provides his artist's with a uniquely constructive and accommidating environment in which to maximize the expression of their talents. These artists in turn embrace John. By consistently providing this customized care and attention to all of the artists who have recorded at the studio, he has established Celebrity Entertainment Las Vegas Recording Studio as the recording environment of choice for a number of top-tier artists and producers. For over 20 years, he has worked and developed relationships with prominent artists in a wide-range of genres including from American Idol to America's Got Talent and Soultrain. For a free consultation in Las Vegas, please call (702) 788-1456.

  • Recording Producer JOHN DOTE'  is best described by many closest to him as a man who lives in an emotional world. He is sensation oriented, emotionally demonstrative, and physically affectionate, and reacts emotionally to events and can shift quickly from mood to mood. Dote's experiences life vividly and expansively. He has a rich imagination musically and can tell entertaining stories, and his music is drawn to romance and melodrama. Dramatic people like Dote' has been seen by many and noticed. He is often the center of attention, and rises to the occasion when all eyes are on him. He pays a lot of attention to grooming, and enjoys clothes, style, and fashion. In appearance and behavior, this dramatic individual enjoys his sexuality. He is seductive, engaging, charming and funny as hell. If one side of him has the word, the otherside of him has the definition of who he is. His dramatic personality style eagerly responds to new ideas and suggestions from others. 

    From the producer:

    There's nothing better than helping others and seeing a project get done right. Here at Las Vegas Recording Studio (702) 788-1456 we believe in old fashioned service ideals: like always returning phone calls promptly, keeping all the appointments, being available even after the project is done, and always providing options with fair, accurate pricing up front. Above all, Las Vegas Hip Hop and Rap Recording Studio (702) 788-1456 is providing a reliable, quality service that takes you to consider us as a reliable partner. And we can take your career to the next level with national radio play. Call us to find out how.



    This past weekend in Las Vegas I got to work with the legendary John Dote' (promoter for Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, N'SYNC, Mary J. Blige). Oh, I wish I had time to tell you the behind the scenes story!

    Studio w/ John Dote on the way 2016

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